Fitcut Curve Fluor - Coated - KIDS

Because your children are worth it!

Because your children are worth it!

The Fitcut Curve Kids scissors from PLUS are perfect for children and offer great comfort, ease and safety of use.
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Product description

Newly designed curved blades

The specially curved blades maintain the optimum approx. 30 degrees blade-to-blade angle to cut objects effortlessly from the root to the tip of the blade.

Effortless cutting

The cutting angle between the blades remains constant at approx. 30 degrees. This enables the optimum transfer of the cutting force to the blade. Thus, it is no problem even for small children’s hands to effortlessly cut a wide variety of materials from cardboard to plastic and fabric. The children’s scissors have ergonomically shaped, soft handles.


The fluorine coating on the scissors prevents sticky materials such as tape and adhesive residue from adhering to the blades.

Blade cap

The cap provides additional safety. Perfect for the usage on the go and safe transport.

5 name stickers 

So that the children can always find their scissors again, practical name sticker are included.

More highlights

  • Blades with sharp finish 
  • Smooth and durable pivot ring 
  • Soft grip minimizes finger aches after using 
  • Rounded tip for more security